h.p.p., what gives?

So you're wondering what the heck h.p.p. is all about? 

Well, let me preface with this: When I finally made it to college and thought I'd entered the free world of limitless expression, that vision was pretty much shot down my first week in English Lit. Our first assignment was to write an essay on an experience we had that defined us. Pretty basic, right? I definitely had plenty of experiences to pull from to deliver a very telling, and thought-provoking insider-look to who I was. Awesome! 

So, then here comes the doozy(for me) ; I look down at the outline we were given to follow, and what was this I saw written in Bold, CAPITALIZED, Underlined, Black ink? 


Say what?!! How could I possibly manage describing my very being(huge emphasis on "my very being!") in under 500 measly words?!! Are you feeling me on this? (Please nod or just pretend.)

As I'm sure you can start to tell where this is going, it's pretty easy to make out that brevity is just not my strong suit. So, in honor of my English Lit assignment, I went with a title as short as I could muster. Now, the idea behind it isn't quite that simple, and will likely morph into having a mind of it's own, but the aim is to share the givings of my heart through the two forms of expression I love the most: writing and photography. I will absolutely not write a novel all in one post, but I can't promise it'll be as short as the title, deal? Deal! 

Now several years later, after my attempt of completing college, having babies, getting married, coming to Christ(not necessarily in that order), I'm finally ready to share my story in hopes that I can encourage, support, inspire, bless, even just one other person in this world. If I can be that for you, super awesome! And if I don't, I hope that I can at least make you laugh, make you think, but more than anything else I hope I can make you feel like you're not alone.

So that's what gives about h.p.p. If you've lasted reading up until this point, you totally get me and accept me for who I am. Thank you, Hello, and welcome to my little slice of cyberspace.

xxoo Amanda

P.S. Just thought I'd add that my little intro up there was only 400 words...how's about that?! Woohoooo!! Not bad, not bad.


  1. Love this! Looking forward to every post! Go get ' em Amanda!

    1. Thanks a mil Leslie :)) super-duper appreciate the love and support.

  2. Great job Amanda, Gina and I are looking forward to reading more...

    1. Thanks very much for the encouragement. Hugs to you both :))