Friday, May 30, 2014


So here's the deal:

It's five minutes.

Every Friday.

No editing.

Just writing.

All for real.

Word of the Day: NOTHING

Here goes nothing(pun intended)…

Nothing could have prepared me for the day I met Jesus. It was a date that I was not the slightest bit aware of...but I know He knew. I almost bet he was so excited that this was the day...the day he would make his entrance in the grandest of ways into my heart to live forever.

From my perspective it was just a simple invitation to check out a church. I was mildly curious, and wondering what the experience might be like.

Then we entered and the flood of music surrounded me and it began. The love notes of Jesus and his longing for me pulled me in and tears began to run down my face. It’s as if the deepest most intimate areas of my life were covered, the dirt, the shame all of it just wrapped in his love. No words could truly describe what happened to me that day I met Jesus but it is absolute that from that moment my life would never be the same and nothing, absolutely nothing would ever separate me from the love of Christ.

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